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We are not native speaker, but we would like to try to make a good relationship with foreign patient.

Consultation Hour

Mon Thu Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
9:00〜13:00 / /
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*Every Wednesday, Sunday and National Holiday, we are closed

Clinical Service

Our ENT clinic is ready for any type of Ear Nose Throat disease with medical treatment.
Ear pain, Ear wax, Hearing difficulty, Tinnitus, Vertigo, Allergic rhinitis, Runny nose, Nasal congestion,
Post nasal drip, Sore throat, Tonsillitis etc.
You can take some examination and medication or some procedure . 
When further surgical treatment is needed, we will refer you the best possible hospital immediately.

Examination Instruments 

X-ray, Hearing test, Blood test, Endoscopic fiber (insert through nose to larynx)

For New Patients

We will ask new visitors to fill out the medical interview sheet in English about your health at reception.
We would appreciate letting us know about regular medications you are taking now.
Please bring your medication note if you have it.


Please bring your health insurance at your first visit to our clinic.
And if you have regular treatments, we need to check your health insurance at the first visit of each month.

Our Location


Kakuda ENT Clinic
192, Kakuda-azamachi, Kakuda, Miyagi, 981-1505 Japan
Phone 0224-86-4138, Fax 0224-86-4139


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